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How to install

In few clicks you can have the font MD King Khammu Rabi (see Download font) installed on your computer. Here is how:

How to install the font:

How to add the font?

We are sure you know how to do it, but we introduce the procedure in detailed and clear steps.

- Download the font (see Download font)

- Unzip the file into a location in your hard disk. (e.g. C: my documents)

- Click on "Start"

- Click on "Settings"

- Click on "Control panel"

- Click on "Fonts"

- Click on "File" and then "Install new font"

- In the driver bar, go to the location of the fonts file (e.g. C: My Documents).

- Choose MD King Khammu Rabi fonts.

- Click ADD.

In some cases you may need to change font size or configure the browser to recognize a user-defined language (or font).

That is all.

Start enjoying Syriac Texts on your screen.

We welcome your feedback and comments about MD King Khammu Rabi font.

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