Assyrian flagThe Assyrian alphabet - Free Aramaic, Assyrian, Suryoyo ... font!

Download now

Download now!

Here you can download an Aramaic, Assyrian, Suryoyo, Chaldean, Nestorian… font.

It is 100 % free for all users.

We know your time is valuable, so let's start by taking a quick tour ABOUT Aramaic, Assyrian, Suryoyo, Caldean, Nestorian… text ON THE WWW :

Email, chat and explore the Internet in Aramaic, Assyrian, Suryoyo … With only 3 steps. It's free……….

Step 1: Set up your computer to read and write Arabic or Persian (Farsi).

Step 2: Download and install (see How to install the font) MD King Khammu Rabi font to write Aramaic, Assyrian, Suryoyo, Chaldean, Nestorian.

Step 3: Download Visual Keyboard or use the integrated keybord so you can see the "Keyboard".

From now on you are able to read and write Aramaic, Assyrian, Suryoyo, Caldean, Nestorian… in your windows system.

After downloading and installing the font you are allowed to read and write Assyrian text for the first time! Remember that you have to set your language to Arabic or Farsi when writing. - Since 1995 -